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Well, the title says it all. I had a great day! (Friday, 21st. I am typing this late!) I went to an all day Reading Readiness Workshop put on by the Fundamental Learning Center in Wichita.

Despite the bigger city driving in rush hour, not getting good sleep (my son slept with me last night and he kept bumping into me, digging his elbow into my back, getting up and going to the bathroom, and waking me up!), and feeling sad initially for leaving my kids all day (okay, I am a baby. But, I am just not used to leaving them all day and going by myself. Left so early I didn’t even get to get them breakfast or say bye. So I left a morning letter for them instead.  I mean if it was a date with my husband I would be like, bring it on BABY! lol. But it was just me, myself and I and it just didn’t seem appealing).

At first I wasn’t sure if it was going to work out to go as my mom is still pretty sick and wasn’t able to take the kids. David is working overtime tonight so he needed to sleep this afternoon and would need to leave before I got home. But, I finally found a babysitter. (only a couple of people I trust with my kids which doesn’t always make for great availability). But, boy I am glad it did work out! It was a good use of $125. I got a full day of training on working with dyslexics to teach reading skills. As well as a complete curriculum. A lot of hands on learning as well. Visuals, research to back it up. It was just great. It was great to hear stories from other teachers and mothers that I could relate to. I am really looking forward to implementing this reading program with Benjamin. It is multi-sensory based. So they combine almost all the senses (save smell) to teach them reading and writing skills. Very creative. They combine songs, games, finger work, and traditional work. I think he is going to love it! And the great thing is they have been able to verify that after time using their program that the left side of the brain will light up as it is receiving and using language information. Whereas previously it wouldn’t light up in dyslexics.

The statistics are that if you use their methods everyday for 15 min. you can retrain a younger child’s brain in phonological awareness in 6 weeks. But if you wait until they are 10 or older to try to work through their problems it would take 2 hours a day over the course of 9 months to retrain the brain and show that area lighting up. So it really is crucial for dyslexics and other learning challenged kids to receive proper retraining while they are younger. It will be so much easier for them. It will greatly boost their self esteem especially if they are in a full classroom setting where they are comparing themselves with other kids.

For anyone in the Kansas or surrounding states area (as they do have people from some surrounding states travel for this program) who would be interested I would HIGHLY recommend the Reading Readiness Program through the Fundamental Learning Center in Wichita. Their website and course descriptions can be found at: It would even be an awesome program to implement with your “normal” kids.

I have seen, heard, or reviewed many different phonics programs out their and this by far is the best I have seen. They go beyond just standard phonics. And the multi-sensory approach makes it a blast!

I am really looking forward to going through their extensive two week course. I just loved it!