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I am still here and still plugging away. The last week has been spent updating youtube, trying to get myspace going and learning some other nitty gritties around both of them. Been busy around here lately!

We just got back from a nice day at my parents house for a Sukkot “party.” It was nice. Reminds me how much I really miss being out in the country going back to their house. *Sigh*.

Anyhow, I just wanted to give you all an update on Benjamin and possible dyslexia. When I got the evaluation back from the Multi-Sensory Literacy Instructor lady it didn’t seem to be quite as bad as I had expected. So, I sent her an e-mail with some other questions. She can’t technically diagnose him. But, she can refer me onto another lady who can. Sinse I know the gal who did it, I just asked her to give me an off the record evaluation diagnosis. Does she think he has dyslexia or is he just a little behind on some things? She called me back and I talked with her extensively. She said that he does have dyslexia. She is at least 90% sure of it. I can go get the actual diagnosis if I want as their are different degree’s of dyslexia. But, she just reiterated on the recommendation to go to Wichita for the Reading Readiness Program through the Fundamental Learning Center. We talked in much more detail. But, long story short is I am going to go Nov. 21st. My mom and step dad is paying my way, of which I am grateful. It is only 1 day all day. And it is $125. It gives me a lot of material. And a lot of detailed specifics of working especially with dyslexics. The gal that evaluated him told me not to worry about getting a lot of extra add ons that build around the core curriculum because she has a ton of stuff that, I guess encompass different senses that I can borrow. So, I am thankful. I need to start saving for next years extensive 2 week program that builds on the reading readiness. I am going to go this route because it will give me time away from the kids and everyone for an entire day and then a week to get what I need to know underway, instead of relying on mere books (although I will still do a lot of reading on it myself as I tend to be a researcher) that may take a month or so to finish around them and our busy schedules. She told me to remember that dyslexics can be worked with are normally average or above average in IQ, but he is just going to have a different way of looking at life. I like uniqueness. So, I guess I have it in my son. I just need to remember that when I want to feel discouraged about it.

David got to talking to a guy and my step dad in detail about hydro fuel cells for cars this afternoon.  For those of you who don’t know a hydro fuel cell device simply allows for better fuel effeciency of your car by breaking down regular water by means of electrolysis into a hydroxy or Browns gas. The hydroxy gas then goes into the engine airflow and mixed with gasoline which then undergoes a full combustion cycle. Undergoing a full combustion cycle simply translates into better fuel efficiency. They say that only about 20% of gasoline fuel is actually burned completely. The rest just creates heat and harmful emissions. The hyro fuel cell device can supposedly increase fuel efficiency by about 50% depending on your car. Anyhow, my step dad is trying to make his own. And David was getting down to the core with the chemistry of what really takes place with the conversion process. The one guy then turned toward David and asked why he is at a factory making batteries. He has a gift with his mind that he needs to use. (although he is no longer making batteries…he orders parts now). I totally agree with the guy. And I hope it inspired David not to give up on his dream of a metal recovery business. Their has been another door that has possibly opened for this. So time will tell.

Well, I guess that is it for now. I just wanted to let you all know that I am still here!


Best Wishes,